1 Litre Refill Antibacterial Hygiene Disinfectant

Antibacterial Hygiene Disinfectant, provides 4 x 250ml trigger sprays for the price of 2! This product is a incredible cost effective solution which will keep your salon or studio, tools, equipment and surfaces disinfected at all times. The key benefit of the AHD trigger spray is the versatility to clean and sanitise a multitude of surfaces, areas and equipment in on. AHD also continues to work on the tools or surfaces long after application. This product is a quick and easy way to clean and disinfect in an instant, with no rinsing or water needed. A 'One Stop' disinfecting solution for the whole salon. 

The AHD alcohol free sanitiser refill has a higher germ kill rate of 99.998% against other alternative products. It is proven to have the same hazard rating as water so you do not need to worry about any damage to your surfaces or equipment. It is also fully compliant to BS & EN test standards on bacteria, fungi and viruses! 



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